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Life Experiences

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

People who choose,
With their limited life experiences.
To disrespect those they pick,
As if to have influence...
Over how successful they become to get.
Should know first who they select.
To believe they can expect such steps,
By the ones who are focused and determined,
That what they do to choose to accomplish...
Has already been tested by negativity,
Heard and done to overcome.
And obstacles to face.
Placed intentionally on their paths.
As a way to discourage their tasks.

To be picked as a competitor,
In someone else's created race.
Who lives outdated and behind the times.
Has nothing to do,
With a success those have found,
To believe in themselves.
And not in what others can do to prove,
How they have chosen pettiness as their success.
With this to believe,
Others adventurous are envious and accept this.

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