DL (02-24-1997 / charlotte)

Life Fades To Black

life started good then came the day
when gangs and thugs killed and
took the lives of people for pay
didn't care just cut and cleared
if didn't die then they were stuck
with FEAR

life fades to black then
there life has changed for
years to come they seek revenge
when they get it they ask them self

some say yes the rest say no
people try to find the answer
but then there time is up
there life has faded away

soon it will be over then
they will say i hate my life
there life
fades to black and it hurts to say

'its my time i hated my life so its my time
to go i hate my life of knifes and guns just to get revenge but
it doesn't matter so.............'

by dillon Lowery

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