Life For So Many

There are millions of people in the World today
Who only know of life in the hardest way
The stateless, the homeless and the refugee
Who are condemned to a life of extreme poverty
The majority of the wealth of the Human World controlled by the wealthy few
That inequality has never been more prevalent is not saying anything that is new
One of the main reasons for extreme poverty has to be human greed
Of more generous and compassionate billionaires the World is in need
With wars and famines poverty is on the increase Worldwide
And of a fair go in life too many are denied
So many today in life doing it tough
Without shelter or food living and sleeping rough
And the main reason for this is of course human greed
And life for so many is so tough indeed.

by Francis Duggan

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The answer to your poem is still out of reach, in a World that is spending vast sums of money exploring outer space.