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Life From Another Point Of View
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Life From Another Point Of View

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

It was suggested,
That I should change my perceptions...
And see life from another point of view!
I thought about it for a while...
And imagined myself the son of Walt Disney.
The 'father' of lost truths.
After all...
A talking mouse?
And 'zillions' of dollars Walt made!

I prefer to think of myself as a descendent of Kings
Who ruled over Egypt.
Long before diamonds and gold were mined,
And stolen from Africa to define status
As an apparatus to keep those most deserving...
In a devastating starvation.
Televised and criticized for their lack,
Of being cultured with accepted etiquette!

I've been torn between two realities...
One completely created from myth.
And the other that sits,
In the sands of the Sahara Desert!
I know me and 'my kind'
Have been despised for this reason.

Any change of my perception...
Will be a difficult undertaking!
Especially when so much that is false,
Is crumbling faster than traditions!
And coming quicker than any perception,
I might consider changing!
Even 'if' I chose to do so...
Why on Earth would I want to?
There is too much now that is being revealed!

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