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Life Full Of Failure...
SH (04-03-1985 / INDIA)

Life Full Of Failure...

Poem By Sebastine Humaemo

Everything I touch ends in fail
and it pains me like I am pricked with a nail
I used to think why it happens for a while
but my thoughts goes on endless like a river nile
somehow I have to put an end to it
but I couldn 't find a soul helping me in doing it...

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I love this so much
Nice poem about success. Thank you for sharing.
sometimess, life s cruel...failures may come but it will not stay, , , it will disappear too...so dont put any mportance on it, , , , it's a part of our life..dont be too emotional, nd so sensitive, , , we shud be glad....we shud not waste our time...hopeless? , , , no, , , u shud not, , , , alwaz be nspired to what ur doin..ur families r alwaz there for u, ur friends too....nd me? .....donask about me, , , coz u r dear to me...ur like a brother to me, and a best friend of mine....ok...ssshhhhhh...quiet dear....''LIFE IS NOT FULL OF FAILURE''......so, be alwaz strong, , , u can make it sweetheart childish of mine..
Only failures enable us to texture Life. Only a thirsty can smell the water and taste it sugar. Only a hundgry person can find himself rich with that boul of rice. So why to mourn with failures? ? Lets learn to celebrate... And believe me... In this celebration you will find One and all beside you. There are no exceptions.
failure, heartache will be in every walk of life! ! don't see it as unwanted but feel it as necessary..coz only failure make ya feel the sweet taste of success..easy success or fulfilling of any dream is not swwet or valuable enough........i liked it as its true..being optimist is really difficult at times. Winnie