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Life Full Of War

Searching for the truth
In a world where evil reigns
Not knowing what to do
Trying to cope with all the pain

Why don't people understand
If it was done once it will happen again
So much war in our once happy land
All we can do is pray and defend

How can this world be so cold
Racism and terroism corrupting our lives
Women and children being sold
And wild men beating their wives

Problems and worries lead our paths
So much fear held in such a small place
But in all of our land that is so vast
There are so many faces full of disgrace

People who deserve more get so much less
And people who don't, get so much more
But everyone must find the path for them thats best
Even though we must live in a life full of war

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Very down-to-earth! I feel your pain! ! ! ! Keep writing! Lilly