Life Given To Me

A life from you Lord
Was given to honor You
I lived it my own way
Thinking was time-wasting to be with You
Full of pride and selfishness
At the end all things not working

I saw my happiness going down
Spaces full of darkness
Minds full of empty hopes
Tried to make it work without You
Got cold shoulders and failures

Having the worst fantasy of my life
Hoping everyone with a smile was real
Trusting strangers thinking were friends
Got my life torn apart
Treating lies as were true to make others happy
Still no peace and comfort
So many broken relationships

A feeling of seclusion and homeless
All friends had their backs on me
Looking very happy
Was like were laughing at me
No blame for them, I had to pay
For I tried to find comfort from the world

I still inhale and exhale
A life given to me for a reason
So wonderful how You still love me
You are a true friend with unconditional mercies
After all the shame I piled up
Still, you give me so many chances to live my life
A secret I never knew for so long

For once in my life, I feel really loved and comforted
Being forgiven and free from chains
Can't thank you enough, Jesus
I'm now home and have come to stay
With the Holy Spirit working in me, I can see things clearly
Oh God, Your Kingdom comes first and all follows
I found peace and joy, can't get enough of You!

by Josephine Chifundo Likoya

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