RK ( / Sherrodsville, Ohio)

Life Goes By

Twenty-seven years have gone by
Since you and I first said "Hi,"
Three little children, all grown now,
Now we're all alone, you and I.

We started out as two, then became four,
A few years later, we added one more.
Life's been good and sometimes bad,
Sometimes happy, sometimes sad.

Sometimes rich, sometimes poor,
But never a lack of love, that's for sure.
Now we're getting old, my dear,
The laughter of grandchildren is what we hear.

Oh, the years, where did they go?
The springs, the summers, and winter snows.
This one thing I surely know,
If I could live it over, I want you to know:

For life's partner, I'd choose you,
Because you've been loving, kind, and true.

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