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Life Goes On
BE ( / Chelston, Wellington, Somerset)

Life Goes On

Poem By Brenda Eyles

All happiness must pay! Can this be really true?
We start the road of life as happy, chuckling babes
And life goes on...

As kids we work and play, and lark about.
We cultivate our skills - we choose our path.

The teenage years - we fall in love,
Oh joy of joys! We make our choice,
And life goes on...

A happy couple now create a family,
A home that's filled with laughter, joy and tears.
And life goes on....

Too soon they're grown, they've flown the nest.
A white haired couple sit and dream their sweet contented dreams
And life goes on....

But now the cruel blow! Such grief, such searing pain!
All happiness must pay? Ah yes, how well we know that now.
But --somehow-- life goes on.

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