IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

Life Goes On

This is an anniversary.
She certainly won’t celebrate.
But can’t expunge the memory
Of the day she lost her mate...

One minute laughing happily.
The next he laid dead at her feet.
An unexpected tragedy.
His heart had simply ceased to beat.

He’d had a massive heart attack
Which must have killed him instantly.
There was no way to bring him back.
He was dead irrevocably.

Support from friends and family.
Enabled her to carry on.
But no amount of sympathy
can change the fact that he has gone...

The dreams they shared can never be.
For now, she has to dream alone.
She has to face reality.
And face the future on her own/

The second anniversary
Of the sad day her partner died.
Although she’s smiling publically.
She is still grieving deep inside.

The passing years may numb the pain
And set her free eventually.
Allowing her to dream again
Although it happens gradually.

She’s not too old to start anew
to find someone with whom to share.
A new dream which could come true.
If she is brave enough to dare.

But in her heart there’ll always be.
A private place she cannot share
That’s sacred to the memory
Of her lover gone elsewhere.

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