Life Goes On

For some of us there may not be a tomorrow but life goes on no matter who comes or goes
The rose tree stem this year that had a rose upon her will next year give birth to another rose,
The President dies and for weeks the people mourn him but the grass without him in the fields will grow
And life goes on as life has gone on always no matter who may come or who may go.

The Monarch dies and there is widespread mourning but life goes on without her just the same
Her eldest son will be proclaimed the Monarch and she will rest in peace she had her fame
And the old bloke in his prime a famous athlete is looking gray and tired and walking lame
And life of course it will go on as usual and the Reaper doesn't respect title or name

Yes the Reaper name or title does not worship he treats the king and pauper just the same
And the Reaper has stalked the Planet forever for centuries
before and after Jesus came
And life goes on despite the death of the famous and not one yet has returned for to say
That there is definitely a life here after and they live in an Eden far away.

Life goes on and the grass will grow as usual and time and tide for anyone doesn't wait
And the reaper always stalking for new victims and everyone he will claim soon or late
And the moon will rise and we will have tides as usual and the sun at dawn will light up the sky
And the babies born yesterday growing older and one day nearer to the day they die.

by Francis Duggan

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