Life Has Got

Life has got it's joys and sorrows and it's laughter and it's pain
And memories of our good and bad times through our lives with us remain
Everyone can't be a success one's big loss is another's gain
The complexities of chance of birthright is way beyond us to explain.

One is born to a homeless mother one is born to a millionaire
Such is life as some will tell you in the bigger World out there
Some are born to be lucky and some by lady luck denied
And some are born to wealthy parents with dame fortune on their side.

Life has got it's disappointments and it's times of happiness
And sad to say some disadvantaged even by their postal address
Many young people of the poor suburbs are destined to a life of crime
Many of their parents for stealing to buy narcotics serving or have served prison time.

In the average human life span which is three score and ten years
Life has got it's joy and laughter and it's heartaches that leads to tears
And life is a slow learning process before we walked we had to crawl
Though we all share one thing in common to the reaper's scythe we have to fall.

by Francis Duggan

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