Life Has No End

The picture of my friend
Scents her breath, heaven's air
Colors my life, heaven's sky
Blue eyes
It means life has no end

(For M.C.)


by Per. Nig.

Comments (12)

being in love may disillusion fact and evry otha thing cmz to an end....
life is just a road way to happiness.... if we are happy we just get our goal....
This is a nice and good poem. You capture what is always hard to express in a such minimalist manner....
what a beautiful thought to place into the air....lovely, sweet poem
So true life has no end. Even though our fleshly bodies will die our soul will live on. Either we will spend eternity with God (Yahweh) , Our Heavenly Father or away from Him in hell. The choice is ours to make. Pat~
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