Life! I Love You For No Reason

Poem By Rakesh C S Parwal

I sat down under a tree
Looking into the sky
Sparkling eyes,
I dreamt...
I revealed my desires and made my wishes
I shared my joys and sorrows with you
I laughed and cried too
I learnt and forgot...
I embraced you
I loved you for no reason.

I sit down under the same tree again
Looking into the same sky
Same eyes, not intense,
No, not to confide in you
Quiet and calm
I wont let you know my dreams
I wont let you know my desires

You've spanked me for no grounds
You've left me brawled and wept...
with no dreams, no desires
A drowned man

I still love you for no reason...

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i like it made me smile. Lylyanna

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