SP (July 2,1986 - not yet / Bennington, VT)

Life, In A Cracking Nutshell

The horrors of war.
The terror of the unknown.
The widespread panic.
Bombarding in such a routine fashion,
It's all just a temporary distraction
To keep yourself concerned with something,
With anything.
It makes you feel like you're contientious.
Doing your part by keeping yourself updated,
Actualy you're being spoon fed like a child,
Ignorant to the realities of life.
There is only one thing that is real.
Only one thing that is absolute.
Everything that has a beginning must have an end,
There is an omega to every alpha,
A yang to every yin,
Deterioration is the one true god of this world,
And it judges all things farely and indescriminately.
Everything must go.

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be it death/decay- not the greatest artist of all?
Score one for the artists.