Life In A Love

Escape me?
While I am I, and you are you,

by Robert Browning Click to read full poem

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This is lovely, I re-read this more than three times
Life indeed! This poem succinctly says what life really entails. Weldon poet! !
great rate 10+++++++++++++++++++
beautiful poem no escape cage I want let me live here lovingly
I fall in love on the earthly life o let me live here beautifully, lovingly................
Wonderful poem......I like nice.....
Life and Love are linked with each other inseparably. Their mysterious dual relationship is nicely expressed through this poem. It's a wonderful poem of Robert Browning. Chandan
Would like to get aloan
life is love in the heart
This is so heartfelt I wanna cry like
This poem is very powerful it tell us that when ever we fall we should raise again
1010 love it .. when i read this poem i can related myself it give me strength to move forward ..
THis poem sucks something that is good is creamy sasage
heartfelt poetry........
This is a good and powerful poem I like to read
True in love and fear of life go together as it remains in both.
Lovely poem............
Even after many years, it touches chords of heart.
The love that expresses in this beautiful poem.