(29 July 1947 / Melrose, Minnesota)

Life In America

American Society

Is very unforgiving

There are few, if any

Second chances

Regardless of your age

Or the time which has passed

A question which every job application has

'Have you ever'

You've paid your fine

You've served your time

Ready to begin life anew

But then, again and again

'Have you ever'

In America,

Misdeeds are not erased

They always remain

Staring you in the face

'Have you ever'

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Comments (7)

A honest piece lace with a bit of reality. Thanks for sharing such McCoy poem.
a poem of reflection on a society that has blatantly failed to give some of it's citizens a second chance? ...........wonderfully written.
......amazing and true ★ America supposedly is founded upon Christian values...yet is run by companies with the devil at their helm
An interesting snapshot of life in America
Wonderful portrayal of a person having made wrong decisions when younger, but learning from them. Still not being given a chance to prove their worth and the truth of what they now say, since turning the corner and beginning again on a blank page. Very sincere and in depth portrayal of inner strength that you possess. Stay true to yourself, never give in and never back down, you will find a door opening into a new life of promise and hope for you. Really great poem, silently inspiring and gentle. Thank you for sharing. RoseAnn
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