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Life In Death: Winter's Paradox
HC (29 January 1947 / New York, NY)

Life In Death: Winter's Paradox

Poem By Hugh Cobb

On crisp January mornings
Autumn has long surrendered
to Winter's deathly embrace.
I stare transfixed as breath emerges tangible,
floats lucent above shrub's bones
to shatter soundless against bare branches.
Frost glisters off leafy carpets
& air is brittle with nascent light.
My eyes follow rising breath towards
clouds scudding past distant trees;
parting to reveal a cold epiphany of blue.
Sunlight burgeons, displaying earth
in Wintry shades of brown & gray
except th'enduring greens of pine & cedar:
Reminders life is not bound in Winter's tomb
& will surely fulfill an implicit promise of Spring.

(30 July 2005)

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Thanks for sharing this one...loved 'shatter soundless' as it provides a crystal image...also loved 'air is brittle', as it really does taste like such. (Tomorrow is the first day of winter here in Canada) When I whine...I will remember to keep my eyes on the pines and cedars. :) Thanks