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Life In The Hands Of A Poet

the look in his eyes was priceless,
sadness and fear over flowing his body,
only a dropp of life left,
'can i make it? '
he looked at me as if he could see me,
draining his power, his life,
as if i were a black hole, feeding on his soul,
smothered in black smoke he crawls along the blood red floor,
screaming, begging, pleading,
frozen with fear he stands,
stares into the light deep in thought,
pounding with emotion,
'what have i done? '
the icy feeling crawls up and down his spine like a spider on its web,
shriveled, nearly dead,
the blackness surrounds him
the beady eyes glare at him,
'is it worth it? '
not giving up he stumbles up on his bony feet,
shaking, crying, falling,
he climbs back to his feet, lashing out at the dead bushes slashing at his skin,
he sees the light again, blinding his sight he stumbles forward,
his long lifeless arm reaches into the brightness,
grasping for the bloody globe,
he grabs it, redness floods the land,
body healing miraculously,
life, born again, i look into his eyes,
i don't see sadness and fear,
i see love and happiness and a heart sheltered from a tear

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