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Life In Times Of Suicide

Everyday people are dying
Everyday people are born
Some hate their life
Some love their life
Some want to end their life
Some are fighting for their life
It's all about how you view it
Either you want to live
Or you want to die
Sometimes you cant stand to hear the truth...
But... You really do need to look at the good times you have had, or going to have
I once tried to commit suicide
It isnt fun
It's really painful
Not only to you but,
You loved ones and friens too
So whenever yo say to yourself
My life sucks,
Theres no meaning to my life,
I'm worthless,
No one loves me.
Just remember the people who love and care about you
Because you never know how good the future could be
And just think that their are people out there that has a rougher life than you.
Your future depends on what you make of your life now! ! !


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