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Life In Vain
SV (6th November 1984 / Coimbatore, India)

Life In Vain

Times behind gold and silver,
Now he has only to shiver.
To get it, he had slain his fellow brother.
To gain it, betrayed his mother.

Irresistible was her charms,
For which he lost his arms.
Her looks, her smile, were beautiful.
His mind, his heart, turned lustful.

Sunk in a cup of wine,
Knowing not it is not divine.
To tongue, sweet as honey,
To mind, at last very funny.

Has he, who locked gold in whole,
Got the key to lock the soul?
Does he, who knows all the just,
Knows not worst is lust?

Can he, who in wine, lost his fame,
Ever gain his name?
Deceived in wealth, women and wine,
His whole life is in vain.

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