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Life, Interrupted Pt.1

Breath in,
put the gun away.
Trust me right now,
death is not the way to be free.

Lift your head up
and cry your eyes dry,
there's relief
in every face you touch
(when you touch my face) .

Grasp tight.
There's always hope and music
to drown out
pain and screaming.
Whenever your eyes can't
focus for a smile
close them, listen to the song
and dream of flying on clouds
with nothing but faith.

There's sorrow
in every mouth that hurt you;
your's is just to a greater degree.
Which makes you
more of a person then
they'll ever be.

Don't let your thinking
get you down.
It's there where you dreams lie.
And we all know
that hope never fails,
it only fades.

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