Life Investing

Self-denying, facts digesting
Acknowledging life’s Root
Grace receiving, truth digesting
Producing Heavenly fruit

Salvation’s alive and living
Loving, with arms held wide
Receive forgiveness, forgiving
Through selfless love inside

All others, forgive ungodly shame
Others outrageous sin
Forgive, forget in Jesus’ name
Through Heaven’s Gift within

The Promise; of The Righteous One
Life’s Councillor of love
By faith and grace through Christ God’s Son
His precious Holy Dove

Such as me Lord, yes even I
Once sinner lost on earth
Now raised now blessed never to die
Through grace of brand new birth

Once doomed for hell for Satan’s pit
Whilst devils were my guide
But Jesus having none of it
Would have me join His bride

Now grace is mine with boundless life
Such love as ne’er before
Free of wickedness, endless strife
Beyond my Father’s door

Lord take my hand and make me yours
Baptise me in Your fire
Cleanse my soul of outrageous flaws
For this! Is my desire…..

by Michael P. Johnson

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