LS (7-15-88 / Bellingham, WA)

Life Is...

Life is a glass of water
is it half empty?
or is it half full?
could it be both?
If empty and full
are complete opposites?
Is that life?
opposites balancing
in tune with each other?
Is it possble to be happy
without having been miserable first?
Can one be mended
without being broken first?
How can we be healthy
without being ill first?
Life is more than a glass of water.
It eveything and nothing, is and isn'ts,
in its own blissfull war
of unexpected expectedness.
If that didn't make sense,
Tough that's life.

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Comments (3)

this poem one of the best ones i have read thanxxxxxxxxxxx
Nice one Lisa. I can honestly say that i feel the xact same way about life. This poem just put it into words for me (thanx!) -Darryl
It could be both, Lisa, sometimes it IS half full, and sometimes it IS half empty. Life is full of contrasts and you're right - you couldn't know what happiness was unless you experienced misery by which to measure it. I liked this one. Love, Fran xx