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Life Is A Blessing
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Life Is A Blessing

Poem By Uriah Hamilton

Whoever said life is a blessing,
Told a satanic lie!
You struggle
Until you die,
A soulless body,
Just a nose bleed to a society
Not wanting to know
The acne face of your failures.

I’ve been humbled
On heartless streets,
Dejected without deliverance,
Spending my affection
On household plants,
Whispering to unresponsive
Rose petals.

Unromantic parks!
Horse and carriages
Move in gloomy rain,
Dead lilac bushes
Have flowerless branches
Void of fragrance.

At a newsstand,
You eat a sandwich;
An old lady is mugged,
A young girl raped;
You wipe your mouth,
Forget to say grace.

Hoodlum clans
Prowl like
Hungry dogs,
Violent plans,
Maximum free enterprise!

There is
Typhoid fever at dawn
As welcoming
As feminine blood
On a toilet seat.

The November sky
Is dying,
I’m expecting be buried
Beneath decaying leaves
In a cemetery of nameless paupers.

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Comments (6)

Powerful expression delivered with polished lexia...~FjR
Life is a blessing my friend but it is too buried Beneath decaying leaves.. go into that cemetery and dig it out! it is yours to take! ! Take care HBH
Uriah, you need to move to a different spot where lilacs blloom gloriously and people smile back at you when you say 'good day.' You need to associate with peoople who truly believe life is a blessing and then act like it. Raynette
a very beautiful painful poem. u.
I go along with Mary on this. You structure the work so well and place such wonderful lines where they are least expected. it almost makes you forget the theme. Brilliant all the same Uriah