Life Is A Challenge

Life is a challenge - meet it
Life is a gift - accept it
Life is a sorrow - over come it
Life is a tragedy - face it
Life is a mystery - unfold it
Life is a opportunity - take it
Life is a promise - complete it
Life is a struggle - fight it
Life is a goal - achieve it
Life is love - love it
Life is adventurous- have fun
Life is a duty - perform it
Life is a game - out smart it
Life is a beauty - praise it
Life is great- make something good of it
So life is a celebration –eat, laugh and do meditation.

by gurjas singh narula

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I think this poem brings out the true meaning of life and all the things we can over come in life and all the obstacles love this poem keep up with producing these good pieces!
It’s true that life is a game but play it
can I share this to friends
what are the literary devices in the poem
Can i make your poem about life is a challenge into a song
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