Life Is A Challenge

Poem By .Pd. is here

The moonlight lit the ghostly night,
The lady cried at a jeeps sight.
Te army men came with a note
And held the remains of her husband’s stained coat.

Tears rolled down from her eyes
Thinking of her husband’s plight.
Her future looked dark and gloomy
Shadows of sorrow were large and looming.

She tried to be brave,
For her husband she would crave.
Whenever she remembered her past
The memories of her husband would forever last.

Her children’s sight brought a hope of light.
There were many lives for her to care,
Joys and sorrows of everyone to share.
Children are to be her future
And she decided to work for their nurture.

She woke up to welcome a new day,
Bright and red sun lighting her way.
Whole life was there for her to arrange,
She sighed and thought…
and it’s better to face it than fade away.

Comments about Life Is A Challenge

A wonderful lesson to a sorrowful poem... life goes on. Well done, Preeti! Brian
hi preeti, good read.and true too.....u r's a challenge..... AND IT BETTER TO ACCEPT IT.....TO DEFINE IT..... ARSHAJ: -)

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