RR (13-7-31 (see reverse) / Chennai born, now at Juhu, Mumbai, India)

Life Is A Drama

When delivered to this earth
I was born with this bare body
And on the day of my death,
They'll bury my lifeless body.

With empty hands I came
From my mother's womb
And what things can I claim
On my way to the tomb?

In between birth and death
What a drama one's life plays,
Chasing the shadow of wealth
Or the empty dreams endless?

In a drama was there a king.
The role he played it well,
But went ahead as a king
Even after the curtain fell.

He lost his self-identity
And wasn't out of the role
Of the king, it’s a pity,
Having no self-control?

The Soul is a witness
To the body in action,
And from this awareness
It shall do its function.

The Soul that identifies
With the body also suffers
Like a weak heart that weeps
Before a drama full of pathos.

For your life to enjoy
Be a witness to your body
And free the Soul away
To become happy and gay.

Life is a drama, once you know,
Your Soul goes unconditioned,
And is ready, out to blow
All the vagaries of your mind.

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lovely write sir...a guaged bird the soul becomes...once let out to fly..you know the world..all the vagaries of mind leaves...superb...i take this into my favs