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Life Is A Dream

True, Life is a dream for everyone,
good or bad, beautiful or not,
someday when we're all alone
just one with our memories,
and memories is all we have,
we will realize Life was a dream,
good or bad, life was a dream
a dream so enchanting,
a dream so fascinating,
yet, a dream nonetheless,
a dream of endless possibilities,
to make Life a beautiful memory
or simply awaken from our dream
after Life has done passed us by

by Sunprincess

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Good or bad moments life bears it does not matter but life is mysterious. Life is just like a dream fr everyone. A dream of endless possibilities carries beautiful memories. This poem is really very amazing and brilliant poem...10
Could not resist the title because it has been around since at least 1636. Life Is a Dream (Spanish: La vida es sueño is a Spanish-language play by Pedro Calderón de la Barca. First published in 1635 (or possibly in early 1636, according to Wikipedia) . As I was a Spanish teacher for 40 years, I certainly had heard of it before. The following is also from Wikipedia: It is a philosophical allegory regarding the human situation and the mystery of life. The play has been described as the supreme example of Spanish Golden Age drama. The story focuses on the fictional Segismundo, Prince of Poland, who has been imprisoned in a tower by his father, King Basilio, following a dire prophecy that the prince would bring disaster to the country and death to the King. Basilio briefly frees Segismundo, but when the prince goes on a rampage, the king imprisons him again, persuading him that it was all a dream. The play's central theme is the conflict between free will and fate. It remains one of Calderón's best-known and most studied works. Other themes include dreams vs. reality and the conflict between father and son. The play has been adapted for other stage works, in film and as a novel. And now, ALSO AS A POEM! Good job.