Life Is A Growth Process

What would you like for me to say?
I feel your pain?
Forgive me,
I'm feeling my own right now.
Would you like a rain check?

There is nothing super human about me.
I can express empathy and unhappiness.
And in the past you have gotten that.
But to neglect myself,
To be there for someone else...
Has been done successfully.
With a lot of ungratefulness shown in exchange.

Remember when I was there holding you?
My own tears fell like rain and out of your view.

The only thing to you I hopefully can explain,
Is this...
What you are going through,
One day will heal and your life will improve.

And how best that gets done...
Only you will know it with maturity that comes.

Life is a growth process.
Full of lonely and unshared experiences to address.
And without assistence you will recognize this...
Affecting your decisions made,
On many of those heartfelt occasions.
And that will not for you be rare.
As long as you deeply for someone else care.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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