Life Is A Heartache For Some!

Life is heartache for some
Life is filled with anger and rage
It comes within or from the cage
But it is filled with fire and heat
As your heart keeps up a beat
Which keeps pumping inside of your hurtful soul.

I look at the stars, as they glow above
Wondering why they shine so bright
As they whistle through the night
If only I knew the answer, then I would understand
But since I don’t, there’s no way I could explain until I do.

I’ve been thinking of good days and bad days
But sometimes I feel there is no point in them
Because it’s just like a normal day that carries on
With the same feelings that will never fade away
In these dark, dark misty and frosty nights.

I wish they will fade away, because it hurts too much
I sometimes get so tired and wish I could just cry and let it all out.
I need a hug; to say it all will be ok, but nothing will stop this bug
As it keeps carrying on like nothing is happening but to me it is.

Everyone around me seems so normal,
Like they have no care in the world,
Wish I was like them too, and then I wouldn’t have these tears in my eyes, that would dropp like the rain, and then run away like the train.

Music makes me happy,
Without it makes me crappy,
It gives me the confidence, and
Act as if nothing in the world matters

I may be a sad pathetic loser
But if people knew what I’ve been through
Then I wouldn’t be too much of a bad person or be who I am today.

What do I have to do?
To show people how much I need someone to care,
To show people how much I need some love,
To show people that I’m dying for a hug,
To show that I’m a good person, and wouldn’t hurt a living soul.

by Becky Ginn

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