The Bird, The Cat, The Monster And I….

i am at a secular house

wondering ~ out there~

closed….in doubt….

and i assume that i am a little insane


peeking on a strange tree
~ sometimes green ~
and sometimes solitude ~
when it is arched by my breath

a red bird sing his freedom

Inside the house, behind a dozen of vitreous eyes…..

a contemplative cat ~dreaming~

AH! The window….the open windows

hidden in the kitchen ~ a monster ~ noisily~ resides

with its fangs open waiting for something alive

i feel that at any move ~at any glance ~at any breath~

if i change my way of look things

becoming my vision into a glassy eyes

the cat will be a plush … forever

the bird…something mechanical

But the hid monster will remain

as he is….

So doesn' t matter

would not be nothing remarkable
i firmly assuming to watch them
~in that way~
i am in a chair ~ a chair with stories to tell~

~Mum outside stories~

the bird is hanging everywhere

the cat probably in a profound meditation

and The guardian waiting for my carelessness

And i hoping the return to my normal
as people and bird and monsters and cat must be

by Poetheart Morgan

Comments (4)

Only who can persevere discerns the message this final sentence was the key to your poem. the use of language, expressions are simply marvellous.. thank you dear poet. tony
a nice comparison. Good job bro. Please review my poem 'Isthmus Of Pain And Joy' and others, your comments will be welcomed
A true statement presented with creativity my friend. Keep penning!
A good message conveyed.