Life Is A Series Of Exhibits

Opportunities are there.
And often unannounced.
To declare that's what they are.

Schools are equipped.
With teachers seeking students,
Wanting to learn.
Awaiting to digest,
Information, recommendations.
And suggestions upon request.
Without objections introduce,
To quickly manifest unrest to test.

And although doors are made,
To open and close.
No one should feel offended.
Or believe they should defend,
Someone who comes unprepared...
To knock on them.
Or ask questions.
And accept to hear,
What they've heard.
With steps to make to take,
Not give them unless,
Comprehension comes next.

Life is a series of exhibits.
Some are liked to be found loved.
And others are disliked to hate.
But no gets to appreciate any of it.
If they sit without initiative.
Yet keep expectations high on wishes.
With it assumed,
Others are delighted to waste time...
Trying to provide someone the keys,
To unlock doors or build their own.
Done to exhibit results,
Of kept priorities.
Or discreetly made known,
To eventually have shown...
What miracles can happen.
If one is willing to understand,
Being annoying is a 'street' thing.
Being responsible takes courage.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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