Life Is A Struggle

For many life is a pathway of struggle and strife.
For some it is more painful than the blade of a knife. Each day we awake to see what trials we must face,
Just to continue as part of this human race. For some people, their days are filled with illness and pain,
For them just to live is a terrible strain. For others, the death of a loved one has brought such grief and sorrow,
It is almost like they can't stand to face tomorrow. Then there are those for who life seems to be exerting a gigantic force,
For they are dealing with marital difficulties and a painful divorce. Yet others have a lesser fate of losing their job,
In which the only answer seems to be one big sob. And even though this world may seem like struggle and pain,
Most would admit that living life has brought us tremendous gain.

by Dr. Ginny C. Wilson

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