Life Is As Omnipotent As God

Poem By Nikhil Parekh

Life is as sweet as a chocolate; go and greedily crunch it,

Life is as ravishing as the choppy ocean; go and swim in it,

Life is as dense as the deciduous forest; go and voraciously philander in it,

Life is as perspicuous as the scintillating mirror; go and sight your reflection in it,

Life is as green as the sprawling grasses; go and exuberantly roll in it,

Life is as impeccable as frosty cows milk; go and perseveringly gulp it,

Life is as fragrant as the mesmerizing scarlet rose; go and smell it,

Life is as warm as the cozy quilt; go and comfortably snuggle in it,

Life is as voluptuous as brown chunks of mud; go and ebulliently plough it,

Life is as vivid as the rainbow in the cosmos; go and surreptitiously perceive it,

Life is as surreal as blissful heaven; go and inexorably fantasize about it,

Life is as contemporary as the swanky car; go and drive it,

Life is as slippery as the slimy oyster shells; go and intensely feel it,

Life is as thorny as the gigantic cactus; go and prick it,

Life is as poignant as green chili; go and tenaciously chew it,

Life is as heavy as the mammoth boulder; go and skillfully hoist it,

Life is as strong as the formidable fortress wall; go and wrestle with it,

Life is as grandiloquent as the bombastic palace; go and languish in it,

Life is as brilliant as the dazzling sun; go and bask directly beneath it,

Life is as dark as the cloistered well; go and dip your persona in it,

Life is as enchanting as the placid moon; go and profoundly admire it,

Life is as blistering as the scorching deserts; go and run unrelentingly in it,

Life is as beautiful as the dainty fairy; go and gently caress it,

Life is as incredulous as the conventional aircraft; go and fly high in it,

Life is as comic as the circus clown; go and tumultuously laugh with it,

Life is as steep as the lanky mountain; go and adroitly clamber it,

Life is as tingling as the gushing mountain stream; go and uninhibitedly bathe in it,

Life is as intricate as the mothers womb; go and worship it,

Life is as horrendous as the swirling whirlpool; go and audaciously confront it,

Life is as enigmatic as the meticulously spun spiders web; go and entangle it,

Life is as simple as a line drawn on the floor; go and vigorously enjoy it,

Life is as savage as a sword; go and fight valiantly with it,

Life is as vibrant as the majestic peacock spreading its feathers; go and supremely relish it,

Life is as romantic as the person you care for; go and incorrigibly love it,

Life is as sacrosanct as the Omnipotent Creator; go and wholesomely lead it.

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Poem and life both are co-jointed. You have many definitions of life in this wonderful poem shared definitely.10

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