Life Is Better Shared

It is true that we are born alone and without a doubt we will die alone. We are sole beings with a multitude of dreams with a purpose that longs to be fulfilled.
We are born into a world where our existence is measured by mealy a number.
We are categorized into ethnic and religious groups to tame our way of thinking to fulfill statistical predictions of what our lives will amount to.
Ordinary citizens, we are called but I ask myself, what is ordinary about the human spirit?
What does it mean to be alive to me and you, Cleansed from our perceptions of gender and race.
What does it mean to be a living breathing spirits in a world formed for us but often working against us?
We are human beings fully present in our physical bodies and yet connected spiritually to a world we know nothing off. Day in day out we try to find a dignified balance between our spiritual world and that of the physical.
There are many religions and philosophies on how we can come to this balance, but who is to say who is right and wrong.
What kind of fellow human can direct us to who we are supposed to be?
Is it not true that one has to find their own truth and be in chorus with it?
Finding a melody that resonates with your soul not for its popularity but because the melody is synchronized with beat of your heart.
In this life, is it hazardous to believe that a human mind can find nobility without being influence?
What is the use of intuition when we cannot trust our selves enough to believe that we can be anything we want to be and are capable of being incredibly happy without conforming?
We are able to be innovative with our lives and set our own trends without expecting a following and still be comfortable to walk our journey on our own.
Why do we believe that being alone and comfortable is an indication of rejecting society's expectation, while coming into your own means sharing the best of yourself with the world.
Life is better shared, yes, but you can only share it once you understand what it is you have to give.

by belinda mrwebi

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