Life Is But A Journey

Poem By patrick read

Life is just a journey

We no not the destination

At times we will make the right choice

At times we will be met with frustration

Some times we will choose the right path

Sometimes we will choose wrong

But whatever happens along the way

Live life to it's fullest and stay strong

Don't let the mistakes you make define you

We all have rough times we wil go through

Live life to its fullest

And do the best that you can do

Remember above all else

None of are perfect

We all will make mistakes

We will find love..

and suffer through heartbreaks

All us are human

Full of errors.. bad choices we have made..

Others may judge you

But they dont know what you have been through

Just remember above all else

No one else can live our lives but us

And when we reach our destination

The critics will be left in our trail of dust,

And along the way..

We have to accept the fact that life,

is just a journey

And no one, not even god,

knows the destination

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