AH (2/28/32 / Bronx, New York/ Now residing in Florida)

Life Is But A Song

Many of us, live in the past and not,
the present! We have a way, of
remembering, what used to be. To
my way of thinking, it does more harm
than good and could be considered,
unhealthy! One has to live for today
and put their past, behind them.
Good things are okay to remember,
but the bad, is best we forget! It only
brings out, hidden feelings, possibly
one, or two, we regret! I try to adhere,
to that age old adage, live for today
and not tomorrow! It makes a lot of
sense, as all too soon, you're faced
with sorrow! Take one day at a time
and deal with each one, as it comes
along. No one, is promised a bed of
roses and life, is, but a song!

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What a beautiful poem Audrey - you wrote this poem like I try to do: from experience and from your heart and soul, but you do so with a feeling of grace and peace that I have yet to learn. Thank you.