Life Is For Living Forfriend Thad.

I’m musing on mortality.
Which seems entirely apposite.
I think at my age I should be.
I can see clearly with hindsight.

As I recall the distant past.
Three quarters of a century.
The long years all too quickly passed.
Experience that made me, me.

I know that one day I will die.
I cannot know when that will be.
So until then I can but try
to use my time productively.

I read and write, I paint and draw
and I maintain my interest
in everything I’ve done before
and tackle new projects with zest.

Although I was born long ago
I don’t admit to being old.
Because I’m wise enough to know.
I should not put my life on hold.

Take to my armchair, watch TV
As others may expect me too.
Sit back and just wait patiently
for death. Something I will not do.

Until the day I die I’ll try
to live as I have always done.
I will think optimistically
and find each day some time for fun.

Saturday,03 April 2010
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by ivor or ivor.e hogg

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