Life Is Fragile

I walk into class everyday and see her smiling face
my day is instantly brighter
One day not to far down the line I walk into class and see the faces of crying people
my teacher tells me we have lost someone and leave the room
I am left to try and help all these crying people while still being blind to the reason for their crying
three girls pull me into the teachers office
inbetween sobs one girls says these words
'she shot herself in the head last night, she's gone, she's gone and I don't know what to do'
i immediatly pull all three girls into a hug and try to stiffle my tears
the teacher comes back with a councelor and a psycologist
I realize that something has happened..
they tell the class what has happened
I feel so empty inside
i feel so lost
I didn't even really know her yet I felt like I had lost a best friend
being the president everyone turns to me for an explination
I don't have one
I spend my whole day rubbing backs and holding hands and hugging
still numb to everything
I finally break down and sob for hours.. I call my parents and they dont seem to care..
this happened about 8 months ago and still I can't forget it..
everyday I still remember and think about it
everyday I still cry over it
life is worth so much more than to take your own life
you may think it will only impact one.. but it impacts many forever

this is a true story RIP AShlei

by Chelsea Kulesha

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