Life Is Full Of Challenges

Who lied and told you life,
Was an easy process?
Who tried to shield you from the truth...
Must be on new 'meds'.

Life is not a sweetened walk...
With cushions posted for convenient falls.
Nor marshmellow filled with oozing delights.
To satisfy fantasies...
Until one is tucked into bed,
To sleep peacefully at night!

Life is full of challenges.
Even if one chooses to cheat.
Since those who live to deceive others...
Are often seen mumbling to themselves,
On the street!
Or somewhere trying to convince others...
They will have desires to radiate in their greatness!

With a constitutional birthright given...
That frees them,
To dominate all aspects of democracy!
And suntan on shores where they wish.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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