Life Is Full Of Emotions

The world seems like one big dream
If only I could wake up from this nightmare and scream
To take all my happiness aside
Living with this pain, there so many tears I've cried

by Melissa Patty Click to read full poem

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Give me strength to find my way To help me through each and everyday Life is full of challenges that you face wherever you may be All I want is to have happiness in my life, I want a happier me! A simple dream.......... begin to help the poor. be there when they need you. sometimes you cannot be physically present. but you can always help if u want..... try........... happiness will surely come your way and be related with God. this is a fine poem . very clear notions. very fine words..and expressions.... tony
I liked this poem thank you for sharing it with us
Emotions! ! Give me stength to find my way out. Nice work.
In few words uve given us a dream.. A dream we all wish to live.. Be happy in life have peace... But life doesn't work that way... It has its own tunes n it's ways to play... Enjoy the music express urself with poems that's all a poem has to say :)
Very well expressed emotions of your mind, Melissa. But I would say that there are two choices before each one of us. Either we let our mind make us of we make our mind. The first choice leads to servitude and the second makes you the master. The choice is ours.
Emotions pour out of this piece, thank you for sharing Melissa.....
Very emotional piece Melissa. I gather from the essence of your poems that you are at a confusing and difficult point in your life. It is commendable that this is expressed and is being grasped. Well done and keep writing.
Fitzgerald said to begin with the poem as an entry point for writing and you are definitely on the right track. What you are doing now is like a runner training for a marathon, taking one lap at a time in preparation for a lifetime of writing. BTW, my roots are in Cork and I have a story online there, should i send?
It is cent percent right and we are survived with our emotion to do it to get some new. Stay blessed with full of joy love and peace. Keep writing never stop writing. It will give you strength in your life. You may be having so many problems but when you are with poetry you will get divine pleasure.. You are gifted with beautiful emotion of expression of your thoughts and feelings.
Hi From Paul, I have a guitar player who is from Belfast named Brendan O'Kelly. He feels musch the same as you do. I wish you stamina and strength and the courage you need. Paul
Without challenges there is no victory... Challenges are meant to bring out the victory in us. You write well my friend. Good one there
well penned. I enjoyed reading your poem.