Life: Is Full Of Happiness

Sitting alone and wandering thoughts,
No matter about grief or joy they brought,
Its you who choose the way you want it,
You avoid disparity or let them haunt it.

The things are always how you perceive them,
Either as a curse or blessing you receive them,
Always try to be on the positive side of life,
You don't even know if it will make a fruit salad for you like a chef with knife.

Happiness is all around you like an invisible ring,
You just have to step ahead and open your wings,
So start living for you and enjoy everyday,
As the life you desire open its arm and wait for you as you lay...

Love your self..! ! !

by Jyoti Joseph

Comments (2)

every line of it was positive........
dear jyoti joseph....... you have stepped in and really a postitive thought to ponder on....... nice writing......kudos.......