Life Is Hell

I can't stand this never lasting pain, can't bare to even look in a mirror, to see the sick girl dying, waisting her life away, in one and in a million i get this, oh lord, oh lord, i maybe not your biggest fan, but please give me the stregth to handle death or, fighting this terminal illness, i'm falling, drowning in your deep blue seas, your clear air suffocates me, nature laughs at me, people stare wondering what's wrong with me, i'm going through hell, i'm still so young, not ready to die, why are you doing this to me, crying every night, coughing up the blood that is left in me, dying in pain, my life is hell, oh lord, oh lord, kill me already, i surrender to your mightiness, cure me, don't take me away yet.

by Julietta Isla

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so touching, and seems so real even at the absense of evocative words