Life Is Hell

Poem By Keith Young

Please look at life through my eyes
Realize the pain inside this lonely heart
Days when life is hard
After all the things I’ve been through
All the pain
All the hate
All the lies
One thing life is hell for me
Life is Hell
Nobody Cares
Nobody Loves
No Needs
No life
I’ll Make It through the Pain
Life Is Hell

Comments about Life Is Hell

i totally understand what you meant by this poem. sometimes we do not need to have a clear reason to hate life. coz we also do not understand why life hates us by the way we are treated... dis is a poem with deep meanings. i hope you no longer consider life as hell, coz life is of course much more like a heaven when we put aside our negative thinking toward it. take care Keith. ;)
not to disagree w. fil.. but i think no matter what or why... every one feels like this. when they feel misunderstood.. its automatically this feeling that come to mind.. i think its perfect. I couldnt have put it any better. .. Me.
A bold poem, however, I feel it is a bit abstract. The reader can't share the feelings of the speaker, because they do not know the source of all the pain. Why is life hell? Why doesn't anyone care? What lies? A good topic, although I feel the reader needs more of a concrete standing. Take care Keith! ~Fil

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