Life Is Kind Of Like The Ocean

Poem By Ashleigh Gaffney

Life is kind of like the ocean
You can see how it starts, but not the way it ends
So let’s just take things as they come to us
And be happy we’re best friends

Let us learn from each other
We can help each other grow
And let us always be there for one another
At times we are feeling low

May we always be able to put a smile
On each others faces and a twinkle in our eyes
And let us never forget all the good times
Like watching shooting stars fall from the skies

The laughs just keep on coming
Nothing can ever take that away
Because they start from the inside
And get deeper everyday

They make us stronger
As they bring us closer together
They always make our days brighter
No matter the weather

Just the sound of you laugh
And the sight of your smile
Makes every risky minute
Worth the while

A moment where nothing else matters
And a chance to be free
All the rest fades away
And it’s just you and me

We can just walk together
To the beautiful place
Side by side
With that look upon our face

The look
That says it all
The one that reaches out
And will never let us fall

I see the truth in your eyes
They’re so honest and true
They tell me everything
And there is nothing you can do

You can’t fool me
Because it’s not your story to tell
It’s straight from you heart
And I know it so well

Your heart is so honest
Caring and pure
The only thing that can never lie to you
This I know for sure

You know, it always makes you wonder
Day in and day out
How two different hearts can understand
What the other is about

When your heart skips, I can feel it
When it’s sad, mine is too
And if it ever feels empty or alone
Always know that I am here for you

So best friends it is
Now and forever
That’s the best feeling there is
Nothing could be better
No, not ever

Comments about Life Is Kind Of Like The Ocean

The first two lines of this poem are fantastic! The rest of it ain't too bad either. A ten.

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