Life Is Life

Poem By Lovina Sylvia Chidi

Sometimes I attempt to climb ladders
Sometimes I hold pee in my bladder
And there are days I feel exhausted
Almost like I have been combusted

But Life is Life
It doesn't really matter
It will carry on
You can spend it alone
You can share what you have sown
Or you can enjoy it all on your own

Sometimes I read the news
And it gives me chills rather than blues
That I have to give credit to those in poverty
Who embrace it peacefully with open honesty!

But Life is Life
It doesn't really matter
Wars will be lost, some will be won
And babies will continue to be born
Sometimes there is rain, sometimes sun
And some will inevitably die by the hands of a gun

Sometimes I am shy
And I don't know why?
Sometimes I am horny
And I weary my hair in a pony
The fashion magazines, the luxurious limousines
Make you want to take time out commit sin to win

Sometimes I awake feeling on top and up
And the good vibe goes on without a stop
Sometimes I can’t help feeling sloppy
As I try keeping awake from a coffee cup

But Life is Life
It doesn't really matter
Crawl, walk, run or hop
Life itself will never stop

Copyright 2008 - Sylvia Chidi

Comments about Life Is Life

That was a really enjoyable read, you have a great outlook pity there are not more like you 10 regards as life goes on Chris
Smooth or rough Sweet or gruff win or loose Life is life........nice write

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