EI (April 12,1991 / Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)

'Life Is Like A Box Of Chocolates...' (Forrest Gump Had A Point There)

I look back now
on that Twelfth of April,
the day I first got
my Box of Chocolates.
The Chocolates were Assorted
at random in some unknown factory.
Some were Milky Smooth,
others had ribbons of Caramel-
a Sweet and Luscious treat.
And some were Dark as night
(those were an Acquired Taste) .
Of course there were those with Nuts
that got stuck in my teeth,
and some of those Chocolates
were Hard and Half-stale-
but I chewed through them
(and yes, I'm still chewing) .
And as I reminisce
about my Life-sized Box,
I think to myself:
Thus far, it's been Delicious.

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Comments (2)

Eni...Yes...Life certainly does seem like a box of chocolates at times (oops....I got caught by my nine year old who reminded me that life is always like a box of chocolates when my kids are around..hehe) Super delicious poem...very much enjoyed! Hugs, dee
Howdy readers...the author speaking. I wrote this one for a summer creative writing class. And the teacher did not get the metaphor AT ALL. Personally I think it's quite easy to catch. If you guys don't get it I SHALL EAT YOU ALL! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! ! ! ...I'm okay... eni da kid