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Life Is Like A Butterfly
( / Frackville, Pennsylvania)

Life Is Like A Butterfly

I saw a beautiful butterfly in flight
And how it enlightened my life.
For one bright, fleeting instant,
I forgot about my problems and strife.

It hovered over the succulent vegetation
Until its wings began to spread,
And then it glided toward the bed of flowers
Of orange, pink, and red.

I thought how fragile this butterfly -
The same is true of life
which comes and goes so quickly
When we become entangled in wordly strife.

Take time to enjoy the offerings of nature,
Make the best of each emerging day,
For life lingers like the delicate butterfly,
It sort of silently flutters away.

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Comments (3)

I knew I would find just the right poem to express what I wanted to say and there at nearly the end I found it. It expresses the essence of the frailty of life and how soon it flies away.
When we become entangled in wordly strife..... on my second reading i noticed wordly was NOT worldly. which did you mean, i wonder. to MyPoemList and into my February 2019 showcase of PH poems to be displayed in my PH list of poems shortly. Thanks. any questions? please ask! ! bri (:
Joseph, I loved this poem. My brother thinks I'm so strange for 'getting messages' by watching things in nature as you've described here. I think we can learn alot by just opening our eyes and paying attention to things around us. Very beautiful poem and great message. Sincerely, Mary