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Life Is Like A Rose

Life Is A Rose
We Are Planted In The Earths Flesh, Unnourished, Uncared for, Meaningless Awaiting To Be Born By The Life Force Of Mother Earth

Growth Begins
A Seedling, Beginning To Sprout Into And Unknown World, Developing Scared, Confused, Lonely Feeding Off Mother Earth To Survive

The Birth Of A Rose
Born In This Unknown World, Leaving The Comfort Of Mother Earth, Observing This New World With Innocence Of A Child, Growing, Learning, Maturing

Blooming To Adulthood
Into This New World Sharing The Beauty Of Oneself, Going Into Adulthood Facing The Challenges That Lie Ahead

The Withering Beauty
Growing Old, Spring Coming To An End, Feeling The Chills Of Fall, Beauty Fading, Petals Withering, The Beauty Soon Disappearing Bits By Bits

The End Of A Beautiful Rose On This Frosty Night, Cold, Lifeless, Regretless Returning To Where It came…. Returning To Mother Earths Care Once More

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